Computer Vision Genealogy - hayko riemenschneider

Computer Vision Genealogy v1.0 beta

ahoi! this is a demo interface for a genealogy database. please help by adding your professors and phd students. the simple interface can only add at the moment, next version uses the bitbucket repository to directly commit changes.
drop me a line at cvgenes[guesswhatgoeshere]
Prof: - vision is the root element (i.e. if no professor known)
PhD: - please enter without spaces and formatted as FirstnameSurname, no Umlaute oe ue ae ss
Turing - what is 2.12+3.25=?
change log:
project visiongenealogy
Feb 20 code d3 graph load csv
Feb 21 code git access
Mar 5 code append

figure out a git push within browser
mobile version
try google word trees